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Securing Favorable Results In Real Estate Transactions And Litigation

Hatkoff & Minassian, A Law Corporation, located in Tarzana, California (part of the city of Los Angeles) handles real estate transactional and related litigation matters for buyers and sellers in commercial and residential property sales transactions, as well as landlords and tenants in the negotiation and documentation of commercial real property leases. The firm primarily serves clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities.

In California, most real estate purchase and sale agreements are usually prepared by the party’s broker. Lease agreements are usually created by the landlord’s agent. Each of these documents significantly affects the legal rights of the parties involved. The seller and the landlord need to thoroughly understand these documents and keep them current in order to meet the ongoing needs imposed by the courts and legislature. Buyers and tenants need to understand that these “form” documents are frequently prepared for the benefit of the seller and landlord and protect their interests. According to lawyer Bruce Hatkoff, buyers and tenants have a greater need for representation to protect their interests in a real estate transaction.

“A real estate contract or a lease agreement is often a lengthy document with small print,” said Bruce Hatkoff. “Many people have the misunderstanding that the document can’t be modified. However, the form should only be considered a starting point. We prepare addendums to these “form” documents in order to achieve fairness in the transaction and to avoid unintended results. We also advise clients of the legal ramifications of the contracts, to assure that the writing conforms with their understanding so that informed business decisions can be made by all parties involved.”

“Part of the service we provide is to assist the client in understanding the complexities of the legal documentation in order to avoid unintended surprises.”

Our attorneys also assist landlords in recovering possession of property and delinquent rental obligations. When tenants fail to comply with the terms of the leases that govern the relationship of the parties, the firm will initiate unlawful detainer/eviction proceedings and actions for collection.

Bruce A. Hatkoff has over 43 years of experience in real estate law and lectures frequently before the California Board of Realtors and at the University of California, Los Angeles, in the areas of leasing and sales.

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